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omg hiiiiii [May. 23rd, 2011|10:45 pm]

wait, why are there flowers everywhere?
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So... [Oct. 30th, 2009|04:44 pm]
Hm. Work ethic has gotten better. I think I'm on track to wrap everything up by Christmas. Yay!.

...now must also get on track (and get Ben on track) to lose 20 lbs by Christmas, as well (and then proceed to pack on 5 of them again during the week of family eating that is the holidays).

BTW! Ben's coming to Hawai'i with me this Christmas, as well! (and he's made me promise not to confine him to Ala Moana the entire time, this go around...)
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No promises. [Oct. 23rd, 2009|02:43 am]
Have found myself keeping up with some food blogs and fml-type blogs (it made my day and not always right, specifically). Aside from that, trying to put an end to my "moratorium." By December, at least.

Life here with Ben in the apartment is quite static. It's like we've already settled into married life (without, y'know, being actually married). We wake up in the morning, Ben goes off to work. After he leaves, I either return to bed, settle down at the computer, or do some reading. An hour (or more, depending on what I'm cooking) before he's set to come home, I begin making dinner (and hopefully remember to water the plants). When he comes home, we talk and eat dinner, then usually watch Leno and Colbert together. It's a pretty set daily routine – a lukewarm stasis, if you will.

Of course, that's not to say that there aren't fun bits, either. There's always stuff to do on the weekend. Such as road-tripping with Seihout down to visit Dana last week. However, I have a feeling that once I'm done with Karekinada, my daytime hours will feel bland and boring.

<.< Of course, that's still a couple months away. And after that, I do have a lot of stuff lined up to do (ranging from finally getting around to donating all of the stuff we'll never use to Goodwill to seriously looking for a job. ^^;; Which I haven't done yet.). And after all of that's taken care of... even more goals. Such as getting a pet, saving up enough to get married (o.O and actually deciding where the heck to actually hold the wedding...), then traveling and enjoying un-tethered life before finally having a child. Or two.

More mundane posts to follow! =P

>_< And I either need to spend more time on aim or get a WoW account.
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"Last updated 27 weeks ago" [Jul. 17th, 2009|05:32 pm]
Eh, I've done worse. I really have to stop this meaning to do something but putting it off for this reason or that, then feeling guilty and/or embarrassed for putting it off for too long and dropping it indefinitely, hoping that no one will notice thing.

Status of life:
Not-quite-graduated. Still working on finishing a thesis that's 1/4 done, at best. It's on Nakagami Kenji's Karekinada (not that anyone would be interested in that), and will hopefully be enjoyable to (continue to) research and write. We'll see. Procrastinating on it like crazy, at the moment.

Ben's graduated, though (he didn't have to write a thesis. <.< not that I'm saying this has anything to do with that.), and just started his job at Applied Materials on Monday. We're currently renting an apartment together in San Jose. The downstairs neighbor who prevents us from ever touching the rockband drum set aside, I like it here. It's convenient, and most of the other renters appear to be around or slightly above our age range, there a lot of people with small children and/or pets (pet friendly complex! definite plus.), and the place just has a nice feel, in general.

Not much else to report, at the moment. Still haven't decided what to do with my life, which is worrisome, but rather enjoying the reprieve (perhaps a little too much, given that I still have a thesis to do.
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Annoyed [Jan. 3rd, 2009|07:49 am]
that a certain someone didn't return the keys when she was supposed to. This meant that she had the keys to both Ben's apartment and mine (since Ben's roommate left her his spare since she wanted to borrow the microwave) while neither of us (or Ben's roomie) were there. Not comfortable with that. This also meant that Ben was unable to enter my apartment to see what condition it was in when he returned (>_< apparently his apartment has more bugs now. this probably means that my apartment is also infested, but that Ben won't be able to do anything about it until he finally gets the keys back), move more stuff in/rearrange stuff, or at least check to see if the new roomie's back.

quite annoyed. But enjoyed most of my stay in Hawai'i (heavy rains, the blackout, and thunderstorms made parts of it less than pleasant), and am looking forward to returning to Stanford again (yay for being able to use delicious chili sauces again! And for finally being able to make the dessert that I had no time to make before I left!)

Also, Aunty's bunny is very cute. They let it out if its cage while I was there, and it let me pet it while it hopped around, sniffing about for the food bag.
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Oh Lord [Nov. 2nd, 2008|09:10 pm]
My little cousin found Facebook.

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aoi yume wo mite nemutteiru [Aug. 29th, 2008|05:07 pm]
well, not really.
But I did have a strange dream last night.

I was put in charge of caring for a baby lion. It was really cute! And rather talkative, kinda like the kitty that fell asleep on Crystal's lap at the Humane Society. But I digress. It started to get hungry, but I didn't have any lioness milk to give it. So I started looking around for milk, but couldn't find any of the other employees at the zoo that I apparently worked for. After running around with the cub in my arms for a bit, I finally found a guy who said he could get some, if I waited a bit. I accepted his conditions, but the cub kept on getting hungrier, so I ran off again, and, in desperation, bought whole milk at the grocery store (which let me carry in the baby lion, for some reason). I went back and warmed it up, and then the guy showed up, but it turned out that he only had regular milk with a little bit of sugar in it. I tried feeding the warmed-up milk to the cub, but it dribbled out whatever I tried to feed it, so I was forced to look elsewhere. I remembered seeing Heather Tsuffis riding around on either an antelope or giraffe earlier on in the dream, so I called Jessie up (getting more and more desperate, since the cute little lion was getting weaker and weaker, and responding less and less) in a panic to ask for Heather's number. I misdialed once, then called again, but she didn't pick up.

The cub was almost gone by this point, but somehow, I was the one who blacked out. While I was blacked out, someone came and took the cub from me, and the me in the dream thought it was someone from the zoo I worked at who'd finally come to take the cub to it's mom for feeding time. The me who was watching the dream could see what was actually happening, though, and it turned out that people I didn't recognize had taken the pup and was carrying it toward a scary-looking dog... and I woke up afraid and convinced that the cub was going to get eaten.

T_T and wishing that I could go back in and fix the dream so that it had a happy ending.
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Currently in Hawai'i [Aug. 19th, 2008|10:56 pm]
...and internetless.
>_< updating from the Ward Center Borders (where I'll probably be often during my 2.5 weeks here.)

Let's meet up!
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RO update [Aug. 1st, 2008|05:06 pm]

T_T took me thousands of kills to key my kitty band.
.01% drop rates suck.

Oh. And I've also started to bake bread. It is enjoyable.
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Ragnarok Online [Jul. 29th, 2008|01:56 am]
I am playing it.

Just started yesterday. Working on an assassin (main) and a blacksmith (secondary, currently still a merchant). Ben and Dana got suckered in at about the same time, and John's been twinking all three of us (on a free, 10x exp, 8x zenny server (FaithRO lowrate)).

While the grinding is nice (reminiscent of the way I play Disagea once storyline's over), and the graphics are cute, I miss having a story. Though Ben seems reluctant, we'll see if I can't drag him into doing a few quests with me.

Current goal: chef's hat! working on stockpiling feathers, and grinding to get to the point where I can collect the dragon scales.
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